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    Aluminum Fence in Boca Raton

    At MJ’s Fence Company of Boca Raton, we offer the following aluminum fence Boca Raton systems:

    Let’s take a deeper look at the many benefits of having aluminum fence Boca Raton for your residential or commercial property:

    1. Aluminum fencing is both classic and budget friendly. Most people don’t realize this, but aluminum fencing resembles both wrought iron and steel fencing. But aluminum is more lightweight and requires less specialized production, so aluminum fence installation costs a fraction of the price in comparison to wrought iron and steel fencing.

    2. Aluminum fencing is adjustable to fit the topography of your yard, preventing any gaps along the bottom of your new fence.

    3. Aluminum fencing is super strong. Aluminum fences are harder to climb than other fencing solutions and almost impossible to cut through.

    4. Our aluminum fencing, including our aluminum fence gates, won’t rust.

    5. Aluminum fencing is low maintenance. Your aluminum fencing never needs a new protective coat. All you need to do to maintain an aluminum fence is clear away any accumulating debris.

    6. Aluminum fencing is approved by Mother Nature. Not only is aluminum recyclable, but it also doesn’t require constant painting nor refinishing with strong chemicals.

    7. We are able to apply powder coating to your new aluminum fence for added strength and attractiveness. Our powder coating application is an exceptional painting process that cures paint onto the metal and shields the fence from environmental elements and vandalism.
    8. Aluminum fencing is available in a wide range of styles that incorporate everything from spiked security fences to those with level top rails for pools. The only limit to your new aluminum fencing is your imagination.

    Aluminum Fence Cost

    If you are considering hiring us at MJ’s Fence Company of Boca Raton for your aluminum fence installation, you are likely wondering just how much does an aluminum fence cost? We are always open and honest with our customers. We’re not like some of our competitors who like to put surprise charges on their final bills. We have never done business that way and we never will. The average cost to install an aluminum fence ranges between $7 and $32 per foot. Most homeowners pay between $2,282 and $6,039 for aluminum fence installation.

    By choosing an aluminum fence for your property, you get the best of both worlds in terms of both initial and maintenance costs. Although you will find that aluminum fencing is a bit more expensive than wood fencing, it will save you money in the long run due to its low maintenance costs. And in today’s economy, we all need to get the most out of our budgets.

    And if you choose an aluminum fence that is both manufactured and installed professionally, (this is where we come in!), your new fence will be comparable in strength to an iron fence.

    At MJ’s Fence Company of Boca Raton, we are backed by years of experience and professionalism that ensures each and every one of our customers gets only the highest quality fence when we’re through. We know all the ins and outs when it comes to fences. Contact us today for a free aluminum fence consultation and custom estimate. We will have your property secure with our durable and elegant aluminum fencing installation in no time.