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    Privacy Fence in Boca Raton

    At MJ’s Fence Company of Boca Raton, we know that installing a privacy fence Boca Raton FL, is a great way to add value and security to your residential or commercial property.

    Our team has hundreds of privacy fence ideas for you and offers the following privacy fence installation Boca Raton options:

    Privacy Fence Installation

    Let’s take some time to further explore all the added benefits of having a privacy fence contractor Boca Raton complete a privacy fence installation on your property:

    1. Having a privacy fence around your property can drastically lower your insurance rates. Depending on your insurance carrier, you can indeed end up paying less for coverage. In other words, your new privacy fence will have paid for itself and more.
    2. A privacy fence can increase your home’s resale value.
    3. A privacy fence Boca Raton FL acts as a deterrent and protection from passers-by and controls entry to and from your property.
    4. Privacy fences allow you to host your friends and family without disturbing your neighbors and without your neighbors disturbing you.
    5. If you have children or visiting little ones, a privacy fence keeps them safely in your yard and keeps unwanted strangers away.
    6. Are you thinking of having a pool installed on your property? Then a privacy fence is a must. A privacy fence will deter pool crashers from entering your yard while you’re away and keep everyone who uses the pool shielded from potential onlookers.
    7. If you have pets, you know they need space to roam and play. A privacy fence keeps them on your property and keeps them from becoming a nuisance. A privacy fence also keeps out stray animals from your property.
    8. Mother Nature can damage your property and everything contained in it. A privacy fence will protect your property by providing a protective barrier from all the environmental elements.
    9. A privacy fence provides a clear boundary between you and your neighbors’ properties.
    10. Privacy fences are completely customizable. We offer a wide variety of materials, styles, and designs for you to choose from for your privacy fence.



    Privacy Fence cost

    By now you are most likely thinking that a privacy fence would be perfect for your home or business. But how much does a privacy fence cost? We believe in being completely open with our customers from our initial consultation all the way up to the completion of your new privacy fence. No exceptions! Naturally the cost of your privacy fence is going to depend on the specific type of fencing you choose for your property, the height of the fence you select, and the size of your property.

    In our experience, a six-foot tall wooden privacy fence ranges between $1,950 and $4,050 to install, with most homeowners spending around $2,755. Prices will of course vary based on the type of material you chose for your new privacy fence. As an example, pressure-treated pine wood tends to be a popular choice amongst our customers and costs on average $17 per linear foot to install.

    The cost for vinyl privacy fence installation ranges from $3,750 to $5,400 with an average price of $25 to $36 per linear foot. Vinyl fencing typically costs twice as much as wood fencing, but is more durable as it can last twice as long and requires less maintenance.

    The cost to install an aluminum privacy fence ranges from $25 and $40 per linear foot. Due to the variation in installation and labor costs for aluminum fencing, we always recommend an onsite evaluation for this fencing material before any fencing work begins.

    Contact us today at MJ’s Fence Company of Boca Raton to schedule your free privacy fence consultation. Your property deserves the ultimate in privacy and protection.